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Mosquito Joe OF MIAMI VALLEY Reviews

317 Reviews


Every review on this page is submitted by a real Mosquito Joe customer. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence our customer's feedback. Learn how Mosquito Joe customers are enjoying being outside again!

Lisa C
Oct 27, 2020

Mosquito Joe has done a fantastic job on our property. This Spring we found ourselves unable to be outside at all because of our mosquito infestation. After the very first treatment our problem was taken care of. I highly recommend Mosquito Joe.

Keith S
Oct 26, 2020

Mary S
Oct 26, 2020

Very professional! Our technician that comes is ALWAYS professional and courteous, plus no mosquitoes! Kids play in the yard all the time and are never bothered by mosquitoes...before the service it was Mosquitogedon!

Holly B
Oct 24, 2020

Before we used your services we couldn’t go outside at all. Our neighbor said they used you do we tried you out. What an amazing product. Thanks

Bob K
Oct 20, 2020

Pamela H
Oct 19, 2020

My kids are allergic to mosquitoes and they would have to put on repellent just to play outside. Having Mosquito Joe spray our yard has been a lifesaver for us and we didn’t have to use repellent all summer long. Thank you!

Rani M
Oct 19, 2020

Rose C
Oct 19, 2020

Suzanne K
Oct 14, 2020

Charlene K
Oct 13, 2020
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